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Water Treatment




Complete range of water treatment plants to treat water for Physical, Chemical, Organic and Bacteriological impurities to suit potable, industrial and any other specific needs.

Pressure Sand Filter

Pressure Sand Filter is the most effective primary treatment of water. Raw water having high suspended solids and turbidity is passed through the layers of graded quartz and the treated water is free from suspended solids and turbidity. Pressure sand filter has varied applications in the process industries and drinking water treatment as pre filter for further chemical treatment of water.

Available in Mild Steel and FRP vessels with standard size ranging from 300 mm diameter to 2000 mm diameter and flow rate from 1.5 M3/hr. to 60.0 M3/hr.

Also on offer is, custom made filters to treat water with higher flow rates.

Activated Carbon Filter

Water having abnormal taste, odour and colour is passed through activated carbon where, due to adsorption properties of activated carbon, contaminations related to taste, odour and colour are removed. Activated Carbon Filter finds its applications in the potable water filtration and in the process industries where water is to be pre filtered for further chemical treatment and bacteriological treatment.

Standard models are available in Mild Steel and FRP vessels to treat water with flow rates of 1.0 M3/hr to 55.0 M3/hr. Can be custom built for higher water flow rates.

Water Softener

Raw water having scale forming high hardness is passed through sodium based cation resin where hardness forming Calcium and Magnesium ions are replaced with Sodium ions. Treated water coming out is of commercial zero hardness. Softener are used in most of the process industries where water of zero hardness is required and in cooling towers, boilers etc.

Available in FRP and Mild Steel Models for regeneration output of up to 300000 Litres between regeneration.

Ultra Violet Sterilizers

Water having large number of pathogenic bacteria is passed through ultra violet chamber where exposure to Ultra Violet rays kills bacteria in water without effecting physical and chemical properties of water.

Sterilizers are equipped with superior quality UV lamp, quartz jacket, Stainless Steel UV chamber and operation panel for efficient dosage of UV.

Reverse Osmosis

RO plants as they are commonly called, find their applications from desalination of sea water to making ultrapure water for pharmaceuticals and drinking water.

Reverse osmosis use spiral wound semi permeable membranes mounted in high pressure containers. Water is forced through the membranes, where solute is retained o the pressurized side of the membrane and pure solvent is allowed to pass through. Treated water is highly purified.

All RO plants on offer are carefully designed and configured to suit the needs of the output water with flow ranging from 100 Litres per hour to 100000 Litres per hour and to raw water TDS up to 45000 ppm.